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Manual Therapy

Hands on Treatments


Manual Therapy, the Hands On treatment approach.

Manual Therapy, the Hands On treatment approach.

Manual therapy includes “hands on” techniques to improve motion and function of soft tissue and joints. These techniques also include manual lymphatic drainage (using your hands to decrease swelling) and manual traction (stretching of joints with use of your hands).

What are the results of manual therapy?

Manual physical therapy techniques restore motion to stiff joints and tight muscles.  Mobilization of a stiff joint helps to restore normal function as does stretching of restricted muscles. 

Who would benefit from manual therapy?

Individuals who have decreased joint motion, tight or sore muscles or those with pain on movement will benefit from manual therapy.  Faulty joint mechanics (poor joint function) may cause pain which is often relieved with manual therapy techniques.

How is manual therapy used at Olympic Sports & Spine Rehabilitation?

A licensed physical therapist will evaluate your motion and function and develop a treatment plan designed just for you.  Your plan will often include body mechanics training for injury prevention and exercise instruction along with the manual therapy techniques chosen to restore your function. 

We are recognized in the Puget Sound region for our highly skilled manual physical therapists.

This service is offered at:
· Tacoma Clinic
· Lakewood Clinic
· Puyallup Clinic
· South Hill Clinic
· Spanaway Clinic
· University Place Clinic
Many of our therapists are certified with the North American Institute of Orthopaedic Manual Therapy North American Institute of Orthopaedic Manual Therapy

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