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Custom Foot Orthotics

An orthotic may help.


A rigid orthotic.

A rigid orthotic.

Specifically designed shoe inserts to help correct abnormal foot biomechanics.

What is an orthotic?

An orthotic is a custom made insert worn inside your shoe to help compensate for foot deformities or poor mechanics.  The orthotic will help to correct improper foot motion and help to decrease or alleviate pain.  A custom made orthotic will be unique and manufactured for your specific problem. 

How is my orthotic created?

At Olympic Sports & Spine Rehabilitation your therapist will assess your muscle strength, mobility and  gait pattern in order to determine whether an orthotic is needed.  Should an orthotic be needed, a plaster mold will be made of your foot for development of your orthotic. The plaster mold will be the basis for the manufacture of your orthotic.

How is my orthotic fitted to my shoe? 

Once the orthotic is completed your therapist will show you how to properly fit it in your shoe. Orthotics will generally require an adjustment period.  Your orthotic may need to be fine tuned by your therapist for maximum comfort.  A program to address joint or muscle problems in addition to use of the orthotic may be recommended. Specific exercises to improve mobility and strength may be included in your program.  

This service is offered at:
· Tacoma Clinic
· Lakewood Clinic
· Puyallup Clinic
· South Hill Clinic
· Spanaway Clinic
· University Place Clinic
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